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Operations with the zoom are intuitive. No explanation is necessary. When a 2D spectrum is half-transformed, the zoom tool can only be selected from the menu (not from the keyboard or the dashboard). In normal cases consider also these important controls.


The cutter has three functionalities:

After cutting, the spectrum is fragmented. The number of fragments you can create is determined by the size of the window The scale shows a couple of slashes for each interruption. One particular fragment, normally the last one you clicked upon, is considered the active fragment. For example, when you pan with the arrow keys the panning is confined into the active fragment. When you double click into a fragmented spectrum, the effect depends on which fragment you hit.

Moving around with the mouse

If you click and drag below the frequency scale (or on the right of the vertical scale of a 2D spectrum), the spectrum will move. You can say you are dragging the spectrum, because it will move into the same direction as your hand. If you also keep pressed the “Ctrl” key, you can zoom in and out.

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