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  Copying the Spectrum

The classic ‘Copy’ command considers the spectrum as a picture. No spectroscopic notion is transferred into the clipboard. Beware: the behavior is simpler than normal. In normal Apple applications first you select something, then you can copy it. With iNMR, instead, you always copy everything is shown into the window, regardless of what is selected and regardless if there is a selection or not. It may be, therefore, the case to reduce the window size and the displayed spectral region. If you want to preserve the state of the window before doing this, duplicate the current page with the command ‘Page/Create New’.

The created picture is in the pdf standard, which is the native standard for pictures on Mac OS X. Unfortunately many applications don't recognize this format yet. Suggested work-arounds:


You can import into iNMR: ASCII text, Unicode text, pdf pictures and old style 'PICT' drawings. For example, you can import a chemical formula inside iNMR. You can drag & drop from other applications or use the clipboard. A clipping becomes a note inside iNMR. Other notes can be created directly inside iNMR and moved from a document to another one or to different applications.


The Dragger Tool

Many elements inside the iNMR window can be dragged to new positions, at any moment. If you want to drag the whole contents of the window into another application, however, you need to signal your intention. In practice, you select the command ‘Tools/Dragger’ (or you can press 'd' on the keyboard). The resolution of the dragged image is 4 times higher than normal (but can be higher or lower if you change the Application Preferences). That's why the computer seems so slow when you begin the drag.

Specialized “Copy” Commands

You can copy the display parameters and paste them into another page/document. You can copy and paste integral regions in a similar way. You can copy in text format: peak-picking frequencies, integrals, display parameters, processing parameters.

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