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  Manual Phase Correction

A taste for symmetry is widely distributed among human beings, therefore no particular skill is required to become a master in this technique. Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose the command: 'Process/Phase Correction' to bring the phase window into the foreground.
  2. If the spectrum has 2 dimensions, select either the 'vertical' or the 'horizontal' button. [The former is dimmed if you forgot to activate the “ HyperComplex” button]
  3. Visually examine the spectrum and find the peak nearer to the 'in phase' condition.
  4. Place a mark on it. A vertical mark if you are phasing the horizontal dimension, an horizontal mark if you are phasing the vertical dimension.
  5. Change the first order coefficient. You can use the numerical field, the small arrows or the slider on the right.
  6. Continue until the peaks farther away from the mark are in phase.
  7. If you feel to have little control over the coefficient, move the selector at the bottom from 'Coarse' to 'Fine'.
  8. If the thumb reaches the end of the slider, move the 'Coarse/Fine' selector into any position other than the current position.
  9. Locate the peak which has become by now the most symmetric one and move the red mark on it. You can drag the mark with the mouse.
  10. If the spectrum isn't in phase yet, go back to step 5.

Some rules can be precious for the beginner, especially in difficult cases:

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