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Opening a Foreign Spectrum

iNMR never imports a file: it always works with the original files. If you delete them you lose everything !!

iNMR recognizes the following file formats: SwaN-MR, JCAMP-DX, Varian (VNMR and Chemagnetic-Spinsight), Bruker (XWin-NMR/TopSpin, Aspect, Win-NMR and ParaVision), Jeol (Delta, Alice and GX), Tecmag (NT-NMR, MacNMR and MacFID), GE medical (“P####.7”), Siemens (“.rda”), Nuts, Philips (“.SDAT” + “.SPAR”), NMRPipe, XEasy (CARA), Simpson e MestReNova.

iNMR can also open ASCII files (".txt") in the formats generated by iNMR itself or plain lists of real and imaginary values, one pair per line, Unix style (LF-separated).

Here are Ways to Open a Spectrum:

Choose the command File > Open. Select the file corresponding to your spectrum. If the spectrum corresponds to a folder, select any of the files at the top level of the folder. On the Mac, you can select more than one spectrum and you can simply select a folder instead of one of the inner files.

Alternatively, on the Mac, drag the corresponding file(s) (or folder(s)) onto the iNMR icon (into the Finder or into the Dock).

Alternatively, if the name of the file is reported inside the menu File > Open Recent, choose it from that menu.

When the FID appears, choose Process > Fourier Transform and click Apply. Repeat twice for a 2-D spectrum, thrice for a 3-D spectrum.

If, instead, iNMR can't open your spectrum, send it (compressed) to the iNMR support team to solve the problem. If the spectrum corresponds to a folder and the first attempt fails, don't waste more time: iNMR has already tried all the files contained inside that folder and none could be opened.

Many times the problem is that you are using a faulty FTP client. A very good program that you can use to transfer your spectra from the spectrometer is Cyberduck.

iNMR does not tolerate changes in the internal file names. For example, iNMR often expects to find a file called fid. If the file name is changed, for example into “FID”, it won't be opened. To avoid such kind of problems, you can protect your spectra within a tar archive, before starting their transmission.

Bruker and Varian spectra are stored as folders. Avoid adding other iNMR documents, like simulations or containers, inside these folders.

iNMR doesn't copy your data into its own documents. If you lose or delete the original files, you have lost everything, even if you have the *.inmr files.

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