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Searching Your Own Spectra (Mac only)


One of the advantages of storing detailed information about and into your spectra is that it becomes easy to find one of them even if you don't remember the name.


The Finder has many advanced features that let you find all the spectra that match a given characteristic, like a given observed nucleus, or molecular weight. You can add how many conditions you like, search, inspect the list of results and preview the documents, all with the Finder.

If you perform the search with the Finder, add the condition that the file name must end with “.inmr” to filter out the back-up files.

iNMR offers a specific dialog (Edit > Search). The most relevant search fields are already there: you'll fill only those you need. The search can be very slow if extended to the whole computer. It will be much faster if restricted to a folder or to the results of the previous search (button: in results).

Click the button Clear All to empty all the cells. If, instead, you have emptied or edited them, click Last Query to restore their content.

A single click into the list of results will show more information about the selected document. A double click will open it.

The nucleus menu is only an aid (it saves you the effort of typing). What matters is what is written into the text field at its side.

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