save 80% on a standard license

Students can buy, privately, a standard license
at € 75 1 instead of  315  .
This promotion is not valid if the license is ordered by an institution.

There are many simple ways to immediately prove that you are a student. Just a few examples:

  • Your name is listed in the web site of your research group (give us the link).
  • Your email address is explicit, like:
  • You can send the photo of your student ID card, taken with your laptop or your phone.
  • You can send (a photo of) another significant document.
  • if you are in doubt, send what you have and we'll tell you if it's enough.

easy, fast and risk-free

  1. Send a proof that you are a student.
  2. Unlock your copy of iNMR and start using it today.
  3. Pay2 safely after you receive the product.


Your license will never expire; you can transfer it to a different computer countless times, forever. We'll never ask you again to prove that you are a student.

you are never alone

All our customers are first-class customers. Whatever kind of license they own, they can ask our help via email or phone every day of the week.

your mates can help you

If you and your colleagues order several copies together, you can save even more money.

Price for packages of multiple copies:
copies 1  2  3  4  5   6  7  8  9 10
75145210275340 400455505555600

1 Add VAT if you live in EU.

2 We accept: Paypal, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. Alternatively, you can send a bank transfer.


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