INDUSTRIAL prices   § ACADEMIC prices  
full edition reader upgrade fee § full edition reader upgrade fee
standard € 605 deluxe € 220 € 110 § standard € 315 deluxe € 105 € 55
disposable € 275 disposable € 110   § disposable € 165 disposable € 55  

You can buy either a standard or a disposable license (= node locked). The latter costs much less because it can be installed many times, but always on the same CPU. If the computer dies, or if you buy a new machine, you need to buy another license. During the first 365 days there is no such risk, because during this period our customers have the option of converting the disposable license into a standard one, without incurring any penalties: they simply pay the price difference. Therefore, the disposable license represents an ideal solution to test the full program over a prolonged period of time. It never expires.

iNMR does not convert spectra into a proprietary format. Instead, it always works with files in their native format. What this means is that you may lose the license, but you will never lose access to your data!

In the case of iNMR (full product), we also offer standard licenses. They are still valid for a single computer, yet can be moved to a different machine whenever the need arises. The standard license is particularly convenient if you buy many copies, because the unitary price decreases considerably.

All iNMR licenses are workstation licenses. If many users share the same computer, a single license is enough. All licenses are also perpetual, with the notable exception of campus subscriptions, which are annual.

In the case of iNMR reader, instead of the standard license we offer a deluxe license. It can be installed on 3 computers simultaneously (but the user must remain unique), and can be moved to different machines whenever the need arises, countless times.

€ 53. If you want a product that is Recent and Cheap, with free upgrades for a lifetime, go for iNMR reader.

Students! There is a special offer for you...

Annual Campus Subscriptions from € 650 read more



Disposable Licenses
copies121 000
academic€ 165€ 330€ 165 000
industrial€ 275€ 550€ 275 000


Standard Licenses (€)
copies12345 1020501501000
academic3155507509001000 19003000400050009000
industrial605950135017002000 35006000800090009500

Other quantities are extrapolated or interpolated from these values. Orders can be cumulated in time, within a one-year interval. It means that the same discounts characteristic of multiple purchases are also practiced if you buy the first license today and the remaining ones later on.

Price includes:

  • Perpetual License valid for a single computer.
  • Personal License, license agreement and invoice, all sent electronically.
  • All Minor Upgrades (example: a license to version 6.0 is valid for all versions 6.x.y).
  • Major Upgrades for the first 365 days.
  • E-mail support for 3 years.

Price does not include:

  • VAT (in the case it's required).
  • Material Copy: we expect the customers to download the program by themselves.
  • Warranty. The program can be tested before purchase: this is the only warranty.

how to buy

We offer many payment methods (all the traditional ones, credit cards included). You (or your institute) can ask for a quotation or send the order directly to Mestrelab Research, which takes care of sending the license and the invoice, payable in 30 days.

For more information or more assistance write us first, explaining your needs, and we'll try to answer. Subsequently you can also contact us by phone, Skype, fax or mail, if you wish, and in all cases you will be assisted in the best way we can.

The term “license” means that both parties accept our specific End User License Agreement.

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