This page describes less important items you can find in the SwaN-MR ftp site.
Another page describes the main items.

68K Mac users read here

You can work with SwaN-MR with great satisfaction on a Quadra or even on older models. There are just two minor problems: your Mac must have a hardware FPU and you cannot use the more recent versions of SwaN-MR. I recommend version 3.2.0 which is fully compatible with all versions preceding 3.4.0. In July 1996 I announced my intention to interrupt the development of 68K versions. I received zero complaints and it's too late to restart now.

Sweet J

This in a graphic calculator for the Karplus and Altona equations. It correlates a value of J not only to a torsion angle but also to the resulting Newman projection. It calculates automatically the absolute configuration at chiral centers, can save the structures for later use and gives you the possibility to set the coefficients of the equations. It is completely free. No registration is required. Reference:
G. Balacco, A Desktop Calculator for the Karplus Equation,
J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci. 1996, 36, 885-887
SweetJ.hqx contains the original program. ppSweetJ.hqx contains the PowerPC version, which is slightly revised (=debugged) and more self-explanatory. The file SJsource.hqx contains the C sources of the latter program.

Tears of Rage

This is the program we use in Menarini to transfer spectra from our Varian Gemini to the Mac. You may need it for another reason. In fact with Sweet J you can drive a HP-compatible plotter and print your spectra in color. The compressed archive is called Tears.hqx.


This filter is a kind contribution by Henrik Anthonsen. It translates a SwaN-MR processed spectrum into the felix *.mat format.


This fundamental program is necessary to get better-looking prints of your spectra. It has nothing to do with SwaN-MR and is to be found elsewhere.


on-screen manual
The reference manual for SwaN-MR. It can only be read on the screen. The compressed archive is called manual.hqx.
pills of SwaN-MR
The printed and short version of the manual (1 page). It is written in 6 languages. You should learn it by heart. It is available in two different formats. QuickRef.hqx is a Word 5 document. To display it correctly you need the font Bookman. is a PostScript document (not compressed). To send it to the printer you can use the Apple Laser Utility.
PPC vet
is intended to rescue corrupted SwaN-MR files (the ones that were open when your computer crashed). Sometimes ResEdit is more effective. If you are using this program it means that SwaN-MR contains a serious bug. The name of the compressed archive is vet.hqx.

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