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Where To Begin

As you can realize from the length of the features list, SwaN-MR is not for casual users. It requires the time and attention to learn it. If you only spend half a day in this study you can save much more time afterwards.

After completing a tour of this site, download the more recent version of the program and the files manual.hqx and quickref.hqx (or quickref.ps). After decompressing the files, print the quick reference card. I mean , print just the page in your favorite language. Now the most difficult task: converting a spectrum of yours. The details are in the manual. When your spectrum has been converted, you are ready for training.

Keep the quick reference card near you and try all the commands explained therein. The contents of the page must become familiar to you. Read again the same page every day if this is necessary. It's just 1 page!
The first times you use SwaN-MR, it would also be extremely useful to activate Help-Balloons.

When you have learned by heart the one-page manual you can read the full-reference. If you want to be sure to read all pages (sequentially) you can open the manual with ResEdit.


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