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Florence, April 16 1998

A tutti Buona Pasqua. Is my language difficult to understand? Let's talk about processing.
The LP story is not finished. I have submitted a poster to the 29th Ampere conference. There is no need to repeat it here, so let's talk about other things.
Most of you complain for the lack of resolution in pictures captured from inside SwaN-MR. I have kept that part underdeveloped because I prefer to import pictures into my program rather then exporting pictures into other programs. Anyway, now you can increase the resolution. With version 3.4.7, after the 'Page Setup' dialog you will now notice a small dialog in which you can change the height and width of the plot. The best thing to do would just be to press 'Return'. But if you want to create an high-resolution picture, add a zero to the right of the width value and a zero to the right of the height value. Press 'Return'. Use the combination Option + the command 'Tools/Copy Picture'. Now you can copy the picture into Canvas, scale it to the 10% and print. OK? Are you satisfied? I know you aren't. As always, any idea or comment is welcome.
March 19 was the day of my saint, you know. It's hard to believe, I received a gift from Menarini: a Power Macintosh G3 with a 17" ColorSync monitor! It's really a powerful combination. I have noticed a little idiosincracy between my fast plot and the thousands of colors I can now afford. I have also noticed that the phase clock was faster than my finger. I have apported a couple of adjustments, and version 3.4.7 is now OK. Then Ingmar said that the baseline correction should have been more correct. He was right. Now the automatic baseline correction uses many more points. You will certainly notice the difference with higher order polynomials. The last bug was found by Edit, victim of bombs and other accidents after converting her Gemini files. Corrected.
There are other small changes into the 'Colors' dialog. Finally, when you cut an integral, its value will be reported into the upper-left corner of the window. Is version 3.4.7 to be used? I hope it works. In my opinion version 3.4.6 is by far better than the six preceding versions. Do not throw it away.
A last word for the performance of the G3 processor at 233 MHz. To transform a 1Kx1K complex matrix it takes 0.63 seconds.

Florence, February 19 1998

A new year has arrived and I have lost all the motivations to change the program. There are a couple of new ideas, yet the motivations for not to change the program are much stronger. Part of the fault belongs to the JCAMP converter. JCAMP is an (official?) format for exchanging spectra between different computers and programs. It's a thing that makes you lose the pleasure of programming. I am afraid you won't see JCAMP into SwaN-MR for a while. The main reason why I don't want to change the program is that I want to increase its stability. Any change has an high probability of introducing instabilities.
I have found not more than a couple of bugs and it's the time to publish a debugged version (3.4.6). Unfortunately I could not reproduce on my computer some other problems that have been signalled. I hope at least you don't suffer for bombs. They are very annoying.
I know that it is often difficult for you to reach this site. The same holds for me too, if it can be a consolation. There is nothing I can do. Be patient. Try contacting other users with the same problem; in the worst case aver compagni al duol scema la pena.
The LP story hasn't finished, of course. I plan to write a second part soon. For the moment being, at least I must correct a statement. Varian software does NOT implement SVD-LP. The software manual says that a simpler least-squares method is adopted. In December I copied the wrong information from the Varian newspaper. It seems that the manual is right on that point. The one of you who has understood everything, raise your hand!
The Mac gave me a great satisfaction few days ago. I and my colleague Antonio Triolo were writing together a report. I had inserted my NMR spectra. He had his MS spectra to insert too, but... they had been acquired under Windows NT! He could still insert the spectrum into the Word document, but in this way he lost the PostScript quality, so eventually he used the photocopies! This time the merit is 100% of the Mac and 0% of SwaN-MR.


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