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Behind SwaN-MR there is Menarini, there is me and there is you.
Menarini just knows two things: that the program is its property and that the company doesn't want to make profit from it.
I try to make the program perfect because it"s the program I use the most (and I love the most, of course).
You contribute with your encouragement, your stimulus and your ideas. If the program is so famous it depends just on you. After publishing the description of the program in the scientific literature I received less than 10 requests of it. The number of people that subsequently heard about SwaN-MR from other users is probably 1000.
SwaN-MR, in its essence, is an experiment. I want to demonstrate that processing spectra on oneself's desk is easier and more productive than doing it on the spectrometer. You may think this is an already established concept. Actually there is still a lot of people who prefer doing it on the spectrometer, for whichever reason. I say it is an experiment because I know SwaN-MR is going to die soon or later. I hope that some of the innovations I introduced with SwaN-MR will survive.
When you approach SwaN-MR you will remain involved into this spirit of experimentation (the program is never finished and never tested enough) and crusade (there is always someone needing SwaN-MR and ignoring its existence or capabilities; there are always difficulties to fight against).
I finally succeeded to embark other people into this project, although in an unpredictable way. I mean the Mestre-C group, who are developing a freeware for Windows 95. I invite all the other users to do what they can and thanks the so-many researchers who already gave their invaluable help.


When planning and developing SwaN-MR I gave me the following guidelines. In many cases they were (and still are) innovations.


SwaN-MR pays for my intrinsic and extrinsic limitations.

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