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A Selection of Comments by Users and Reviewers

The exact meaning of the following excerpts may have been slightly different in their original context

Your program seems to do exactly what spectroscopists need. As you state, so far none of the commercially available packages was satisfactory.
U.S. 12/1994

First of all I must congratulate you for the quality of your program. It is impressive what you can do with it. I have been testing it and it works great. I found the software easy to learn, easy to use and extremely fast. Of course, I have appreciated that your software is far superior to Bruker's WIN-NMR.
F.J.S. 8/1995

We have been using SwaN-MR with a lot of pleasure these last 3 months, and I must say more and more people are using it.
A.G. 10/1995

I am enjoying using SwaN-MR. We also have Bruker's WINNMR, which costs quite a lot of money, but I find your program to be much better. The WINNMR has the annoying habit of freezing the computer in an apparently arbitrary way.
N.R. 10/1995

Your program looks very powerful.
N.Å.F. 11/1995

Our first impression is excellent.
D.N. 11/1995

My immediate impression was that of a very useful and comprehensive program.
D.F. 11/1995

I found it very useful.
S.M. 12/1995

I was delighted to read about and download the latest version of your excellent SwaN-MR program. On behalf of the chemistry community, a grateful thanks for all your hard work.
T.C.J. 1/1996

Congratulandomi per l'utilita' e la facilita' d'uso...
L.C. 1/1996

I have been examining the demonstration version, and believe that it could be quite useful in my teaching and research. Thank you for a marvelous contribution to the chemistry community.
D.W.B. 1/1996

I believe that utilizing your program would enhance the efficiency of NMR techniques.
A.M. 1/1996

It is wonderful that you are supplying the program for free.
G.S.&A.B. 2/1996

I am pleased to find important software.
R.J.P. 3/1996

Keep up the good work!
D.D. 3/1996

I have just had the pleasure of examining your program SwaN-MR and I was very impressed.
A.L. 3/1996

After briefly reviewing the software my first impressions are that it is an excellent package.
M.K. 3/1996

I am delighted to find that someone has written such quality NMR processing software for the Mac. It is very useful to process data on low cost computers, thus leaving the spectrometer for running experiments.
D.M. 3/1996

We need some sort of freeware alternatives to the vendor programs, if for no other reason to keep them trying to improve their own products.
E.E. 4/1996

I tested the demo Snail-MR and I really like to work with it. Would you please license me for SwaN-MR so I can work with your terrific program at full speed.
K.L. 6/1996

I find it hard to believe that a program this useful is floating around there for free. I have only just started to play with the software at the moment but it is fulfilling all my expectations and even surpassing some.
P.M. 6/1996

I would like to send my compliments regarding your decision in making this software accessible to the scientific community, specially for those in developing countries that cannot afford paying the astronomic prices of the commercial softwares.
C.L.Z. 6/1996

SwaN-MR is probably the best NMR package for the Mac. Although we are using Nuts on a PC here with good success, the port for the Mac does not look too healthy, crashing frequently and slower.
G.P. 6/1997

I have really to say, it is very comfortable and it became a very useful tool.
M.P. 7/1996

You have written a very impressive program.
M.S. 8/1996

I am truly amazed at its capabilities and speed This is a great program! Are you sure you do not want to charge any shareware fee for it? I was pleasantly surprised...
M.W.G. 8/1996

Today I have tested your program and it seemed very suitable for what we are used to measure. Also it looks very user friendly.
J.S. ?/1997?

Me ha sido de mucha utilidad.
A.M.I. 1/1997

Ho avuto modo di constatare personalmente la versatilita' di tale programma che risulta essere piu' accurato, piu' completo e molto piu' agevole da usare di altri programmi analoghi disponibili sul mercato.
G.N. 2/1997

You have produced an excellent program and you are giving it away for free! I am glad that the Mac community has people like you as members. I only wish our department or my advisor would buy some PPC's so that I could use Swan at work as well as at home.
C.J.M 4/1997

During our search for an ideal software for nmr data processing we found your offer of SwaN-MR.
L.Z. 6/1997

This is a marvelous piece of work and we appreciate it very much. So we installed it on our Macintosh systems in the lab (10) and use it all the time for our 1D and 2D NMR data reduction. We are currently working on NMR methodologies using liquid crystal solvents.
Many thanks to place this very efficient software at the scientific community's disposal and we will make any effort to cite your work along our papers. J.C. 6/1997

Alcuni degli improvements sono davvero comodi; e' l'impianto che e' buono, comunque: quando lo faccio vedere ai neofiti riscuoti sempre successo.
S.A. 10/1997

I love the tool menu. The tools are very useful and there aren't too many, so that the user isn't overwhelmed. I also like the phasing tool.
M.H.V. 1/1998

Thank-you for making this program available to us spectroscopist's still using the MacOS system.
M.P.G. 4/1998

Mi hanno colpito in particolare la potenza e la velocita' di calcolo.
G.F. 7/1998

I and some other members of the group have found SwaN-MR to be a very useful program.
O.F.W. 10/1998

We find it most useful for spin-simulations of the complex systems encountered in fullerene hydrides.
H.P.S. 10/1998

I am the head of the NMR laboratory of the organic chemistry institute at ETH Zürich and I write to you to register our institute as a regular user of SwaN-MR. Our institute has ca. 150 scientific collaborators and runs eight spectrometers (from 200 to 600 MHz, mixed Varian/Bruker). Since we use mostly Macintoshs in the labs, we had the problem of finding a reasonable program for remote processing of NMR data on Macs by the individual coworkers. We do have a few licenses for WINNMR by Bruker, but as you certainly know, this program is not developed any further and costs clearly too much for what it does.
I was therefore happy to find your program on the net and started using it for trials. I would like to congratulate you for your achievement! Although SwaN-MR needs some "getting used to" (because it does not use thousands of icons and really productive work starts once you remember the keyboard shortcuts), it does its work reliably and fast.
Now that we have finally found a very nice solution of our problems thanks to your program, we are afraid that you might have discontinued to develop SwaN-MR! Please contact us and tell us about your plans. As a large institute in a University with a longstanding NMR tradition we may be of help to you as well.
B.J. 4/1999

This is exactly what I needed!
T.L. 4/1999

...a very nice processing for the Mac..., SwaN-MR has been around for a number of years and has already found many users who like it.
R.K. 6/1999

I would like to express my admiration for your work with a nice product and encourage you to continue your development. I've been using SwaN a number of years by now and I think the program performs quite good and includes a number of nice features.
The reason why I use SwaN-MR as a complement to other commercially available software packages are mainly:
(i) The simulation module which I find very useful for teaching purposes (it is really simple and straightforward to set up and simulate spin-systems and exchange)
(ii) To have a NMR-processing package on the Mac where you can easily export pictures to other Mac applications (very useful for publications, student exams etc)
(iii) Thirdly and quite important, you being there and interested in improving and adding things to the program.
I.S. 6/1999

Let me congratulate you for such a fantastic program. It is not very often that such a nice, well featured program, can be obtained for free and do such a fantastic job. I started using SwaN-MR (after being a devote of Mestre-C) this year, and I have been amazed by its power.
G.M. 6/1999

I would like to know if you have planned to make a version of Swan MR for Win 98, a platform that are used by a lot of researchers. It looks like you have made a quite good program which I would be very happy to use.
S.B. 6/1999

Everyone is very pleased with the possibilities the program offers.
D.S.G. 7/1999

I am impressed with the utility and general flexibility of the program.
R.C.C. 9/1999

I would like to register because I think free software with contributions from every user is a fabuluos thing.
N.M.N. 9/1999

We use SwaN-MR a lot in our lab and I find it to be a wonderful a very user-friendly program. You have done a tremendous and, I think, vastly under-estimated job in writing and updating this software. A.V.E. 11/1999

The more I learn NMR processing and programming, the more I get impressed by your program. If Bruker WinNMR costs more than 6000$, SwaN-MR should cost 10 times more. Actually 2D-WinNMR has nothing to do with SwaN-MR. It's like to compare a Seat 600 with a Ferrari.
J.C.C. 11/1999

The only thing that I can say is that I tried other softwares (free and demos) and what I did was put them in the trash can, and gave the famous command [empty trash].
J.R.M.O. 2/2000

To be honest, I know my requests are somewhat demanding because I am a strange character who can use almost all available processing softwares pretty fluently (MacFID, RMN, Felix, nmrPipe, xwinnmr, vnmr). Among them, now I rank yours as the "Number 1 processing software".
K.N. 2/2000

Thank you Dr. Balacco. Not only does your program finally get me out of cold rooms down long corridors (where they keep SGI's) and back into my office, where I have my Mac -and home too!- but also I can process 2D's in fractions of a second! (compare to minutes occasionally on the latest SGI's set up non-optimally).
M.F. 3/2000

Your program is still the fastest one going that I know about! This is especially true of the linear prediction.
D.H.P. 3/2000

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