<<   iNMR is a masterpiece of software engineering. It is just most people in the NMR community don't know about it. If they spent a little time on iNMR, they would not go back  >>. [1]

10 Good Reasons to Choose iNMR

  1. iNMR is a single application that includes a multitude of specialized modules. When you buy a license you get everything. Most of our competitors, instead, give you the basic functionality only and then ask you more money for the additional modules and the yearly upgrades. With iNMR you just pay once and receive years of upgrades and support.
  2. You are not locked in. iNMR always works with the original spectrometer files. Any additional information that you generate is stored into short and readable XML files that you can open with countless external applications. Your experimental data remain readable by all other NMR software in circulation.
  3. You'll receive email support directly from the author, 360 days per year, from 8 AM to 12 PM (Central European Time, UTC+2 from April to October, UTC+1 otherwise). If necessary you can receive a patched or customized version in a matter of hours. This is what you pay for when you buy a license.
  4. You can further extend the functionality of iNMR with your own scripts, thanks to the embedded Lua interpreter. Lua is a first-class programming language which is the ideal in terms of versatility and speed. Only two NMR programs include a Lua interpreter: CARA and iNMR. If you don't know the language we'll write the scripts for you. Gratis.
  5. iNMR is a native Windows application that directly calls the traditional Windows APIs, something unique in the NMR field. iNMR is written in C/C++ and takes for itself only a minimal amount of disc space and memory. You can't say the same thing about other NMR programs, which are built upon several intermediate layers of software. If you hate bloatware, you'll love iNMR.
  6. Microsoft explicitly recommends to embrace Direct2D as the drawing API for new applications. iNMR is the only NMR program to follow the advice and the results are: amazingly clear plots, fast drawing of large matrices and assured support by future versions of Windows.
  7. The graphic interface is the simplest and the tidiest. More screen estate is available for spectroscopic contents, you are not distracted by unnecessary widgets. The optional keyboard shortcuts are easy to memorize and increase your productivity.
  8. The same license is valid for many kinds of computers. iNMR is available for the last 4 major versions of Windows and 9 versions of Mac OS, which means 96% of the active computers. Any PC built in the last 12 years is good.
  9. As a working tool, iNMR has already been successfully tested by thousands of Mac users since 2005 and Windows users since 2012.
  10. For industrial customers iNMR represents by far the cheapest offer on the market. Figures speak for themselves.

Main Features:

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[1]   Dr. Arthur Roberts, Ph.D. (Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences, University of Georgia, Athens) - personal communication, June 28, 2013

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