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Printing Your Spectra Always in the Same Way

It's simple to copy the display parameters from one spectrum to another, but it's even better to define one or more formats that can be reapplied at will.

How to create and apply a format:

Step 1

Choose a typical spectrum and adjust all the display settings the way you like.

You can set the ppm limits with the dialog Format > Axes and Scales (tab: Limits) and the margins around the plot with Format > Overlay (they appear at the bottom-left of the dialog).

Step 2

Choose Format > Save Current Format.

Step 3

Type the name for the new format. It will appear under the submenu Format > Custom Format.

You can only apply 1-D formats to other 1-D spectra and 2-D formats to 2-D/3-D spectra. 2-D formats are easy to recognize, because an icon appears in the submenu.

Step 4

Whenever you want to reapply the format again, choose it from the submenu.

Step 5

To delete or rename a format, choose Format > Organize Formats. This dialog also allows you to change the order of the formats into their submenu.

Step 6

To change a format, apply it to a spectrum, change what you need to change, then save the modified format with the same name.

The format does not include the page size. New documents are normally created with a Free Size and their windows fill the available space on the screen. Then, the size of the document is variable as the size of its window. To fix the size, it's necessary to print or, better, open the Page Setup dialog. You can however have all the new documents in the same size used for printing, if you wish.

When you create a format, if document notes are visible, they are added to the format. The same notes will be copied into the active document every time the format is applied. It is possible to save a format without the document notes: turn on the general preference “Doc Notes preferred”.

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