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Preserving your Display Settings

You can save different sets of display parameters both into a document or into your User Preferences. A set can also be copied on the clipboard with the command Copy > Display Parameters. 1-D and 2-D settings are not equivalent and can't be interchanged. Sets saved into the document are called Pages because, when it's time to print, iNMR prints a page for each setting. Sets saved into the user preferences are called Formats.

When you are going to alter the display (for example: you need to resize the window, or to switch to the free size mode, or to reprocess the spectrum, or to explore it, etc...) you can save the present settings into a page and restore them at the end of the job.

How to Preserve a Display Setting:

Choose the command Page > Add Page.

Now you are working with a new set of display parameters. Their starting values are copied from the old set.

You can manipulate the spectrum as usual. You can also save and close it, quit the program and shut down the computer.

When you have finished, delete the working set with the command Page > Delete This. iNMR returns to the old page.

A document can contain a maximum of 20 pages. The Page menu is completely dedicated to their management.

Open the Sidebar with Page > Toggle Sidebar. Click into a miniature to jump to the corresponding page.

Use the keys Page Up and Page Down to rotate through the existing pages.

You can't change the order of the pages, but you can copy a page and paste it onto another one.

Before printing, pay attention to the number of pages you are going to print!

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