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Creating a Poster

If you want to combine two or more spectra into a single big picture, you can conveniently do so with iNMR itself.
You will be able to resize the individual plots while retaining the original look (for example, the labels will not be rescaled or distorted). If you reprocess a spectrum, the change will automatically be reflected in the big picture.

How to Create a Poster:

Open the spectra that you want to add to the poster. It is convenient to reduce the size of their windows to the approximate size that each spectrum will take in the big picture. If you wish, you can resize them later, directly into the poster.

To make all the windows equal in size, you can use the console. Turn on the option “for all documents” and type the command: paper(paper())

Create a new poster document with Ctrl-Alt-N (on Windows) or ⌘-alt-N (on the Mac). iNMR asks you to set the paper size; it's convenient to choose a large size (tabloid or A3).
The choice is not final: you are allowed to change the size whenever you need.

Choose Format > Overlay. Select All Windows. Note how this dialog offers the option of setting the size and position of the individual spectra numerically. Close the Overlay Manager.

Click and drag the spectra to move them around inside the poster. Click and drag the borders to resize them. The Shift key ⇧ restrains the movements: it becomes easy to align the objects. The dashed borders do not appear when you print or export the final picture.

You can enrich the poster with notes, arrows and frames; they will be document notes (peak labels are not allowed).

To export a picture, select the dragger tool and use it to drag the contents of the poster into an external document. You can also use the standard command Edit > Copy.

You can preset, into the user preferences, the resolution of the pictures to export.

To create a picture file, Choose File > Export, then select a graphic file format. You can also print the poster directly, of course.

Don’t save the poster within a normal spectrum! Bruker and Varian data are common examples of spectra that are stored as folders. Never save a poster into those folders.

The spectra reproduced inside the posters are called replicas. If you double click a replica, the corresponding window is brought to the fore. The size of the replica and of its corresponding window is always the same. If you resize one, the other will be resized too.

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