features Caution: iNMR is not the kind of product that you find on the shelves of your local shop. It is not the classic box that you either take it or leave it. You can ask for more! If there is something missing here, it will be added on your request. It normally takes a few days. There is also a constant exchange of code and know-how between nucleomatica and MestreLab Research. If you like a feature of MestreNova that is missing in iNMR, just ask: it will be easy to add! Don’t choose your NMR program by counting the number of features it has. It doesn’t make sense, since we update iNMR continuosly. The application is already so vast that very few people have managed to explore it all. And it’s still growing! Base your choice on the look and feel: this is a stable characteristic and is what will eventually determine your productivity. For this reason, you are free to download iNMR and experiment with it for as long as you like.

Last but not least, we sell a service more than a product; the most valuable feature of iNMR is our support.

Now you are ready to read the List of Main Features.

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