The Road to Perfection

If you find that iNMR is difficult to use or the results are unexpected, maybe there is an error into the program. Maybe there is no error but the program can be improved. Please explain your problems and we'll try to solve them on the same day.

If the program crashes or freezes, it certainly contains an error. The correct procedure to report the incident is:

  1. Understand which command causes the crash. Normally it's the last command you have used.
  2. Make the incident reproduceable at will.
  3. Save your document immediately before the crash.
  4. Quit iNMR. Open it again. Open the document. Verify that a single command makes iNMR crash.
  5. Send us the zipped spectrum and tell us how to reproduce the incident on our Mac.
iNMR reader

If you report a crash in this way, the bug wil be fixed in a matter of minutes.

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