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  the Interpolator Tool

It is sufficient to hover this tool over a peak to read, after a short delay, its coordinates, in ppm. In 1D spectroscopy, you also read the linewidth. If you click and drag the tool, you read the distance between 2 maxima, in Hz units; be careful to select from peak maximum to peak maximum. If you click and drag with the Shift key pressed, both the selection and the displayed measure will remain constant, until you click again. iNMR automatically searches the nearest local maximum: it may be different from the point you have clicked upon.

How to Copy the above information

Keep the ‘Control’ key pressed while you click or drag the interpolator; two things will happen: a new note is created and the clipboard will also contain the frequency values. The note is a static and persistent equivalent to the yellow label.



This tool performs no interpolation. It always reports the exact coordinates corresponding to the position of the mouse. In 2D, it also reports the intensity of the point under the mouse.

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